Three Most Popular Eateries in Princeton Our Customers Love

Princeton is strikingly beautiful with one of the most prominent campus. Since it is a small suburb, people often don’t have many expectations about food here. However, our customers of Princeton Private Cars have a different story to tell. Every day we meet hundreds of customers, some locals and some from other cities. Some of them asked us for food suggestions, while some of them simply direct us to take us to their favorite place.

Some Most Visited Food Places in Princeton by Our Customers

Hoagie Haven:

Like the name, the place is an ultimate late-night food stop, almost achieved a legendary title in the sandwich department. It is one of the most preferred eateries whose best customers are college undergrad and of course people who like the taste and a rustic ambiance. Large portions of bacon cheesesteak, delicious meatballs, and large sections of super-greasy mouth-watering sandwiches are something not to miss. Other favorites of customers include mozzarella sticks, French fries, fries in a hoagie roll, stuff fried chicken tenders and Sanchez. The place is located at 242 Nassau Street.

Small World Coffee:

If you want to start your day with the best coffee in Princeton, then you shouldn’t settle for anything other than the Small World Coffee. Located in 14 Witherspoon Street, the place serves coffee, cappuccino, espresso, etc. made from fair trade and specialty coffees. So next time you visit New Jersey, book a Princeton University taxi service and have a cup of delicious coffee.

Bent Spoon:

If you ask us one place to pick- then we would say bent spoon ice cream place. If you like ice cream, then think no more and visit 35 Palmer Square West. It is not a simple ice cream parlor but a labyrinth of flavor. An infused of startling flavors like cardamom ginger, chocolate habanero, honey ice-cream, sweetcorn ice-cream, and chocolate-rosemary ice cream, etc.

Tell us your best eatery at Princeton.

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